Racers360 co-founders Chris and Dion are a couple of racers who got frustrated with the online experience and lack of technology available for amateur racing.

We believe the best way for the professional side of a sport to grow is by growing the grassroots of it. So we stepped back and asked ourselves what needs to change in grassroots motorsports to help it grow back in popularity to where it once was.

So Racers360 was formed as a motorsport solutions company. We are using our expertise in motorsport & technology to bring new ways for drivers to access world-class coaching, track day organizers to communicate with their users, and for drivers all over the world to find the perfect event for them. We are here to not only motivate you to get on track (that is the easy part as being on track is the best feeling in the world!!) but also help you find success, find speed, and keep you driving safe while you are out there.

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Dion has been racing professionally now for 15 years, and have been coaching during that entire time. "I absolutely love to work with those who share my enthusiasm for this sport and are looking to get the most out of themselves."

Chris's expertise is using technology to build tools and systems to help businesses and their customers. Chris's previous company became the largest provider of restaurant reservation systems in Australia.

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