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Why are we here?

       The world of motorsport has always been one clouded with secrecy. Teams want to keep what makes them successful a secret, drivers are looking to keep their secret sauce for a certain track, and some teams don’t even let fans get a glimpse behind the curtains of their paddock, worrying they revealing too much.   I have founded Racers360 to clear up some of these mysteries and to hopefully show what professional drivers are doing around a track that makes them so successful.   Our mission is to create the most comprehensive video coaching library of not only every track in the U.S., but also techniques in the car that drivers are using, and what they are focusing on to separate them from everyone else.
            While some are fortunate enough to hire us pros to come in and share our knowledge with them to find that extra lap time, most cannot afford to do so. With Racers360 you will have access to everything a pro would be giving a client ahead of and during a race weekend. You will also have access to hop on video chats to review your data or video with our pro drivers.   We are committed to powerful content creation focused on meeting our objective of further educating the foundation of our entire sport -- grassroot motorsports. The focus of our videos will become not only how are we getting around the track, but why we are doing certain things. The important key of understanding the why will allow you to truly learn, grow and apply these techniques wherever your racing passion takes you!
            I have created Racers360 to share my deep passion of this sport and what makes it so truly special. At the pro level you can often forget your roots and just how enjoyable this sport can be, but every time I spend a weekend coaching someone at a club event I feel that passion again. It is thanks to the contagious energy of every driver at these events that I re-learn that love of the sport. I am so looking forward to hopping on this journey to you. I will keep this first blog short and concise, but under this section I will look to push out my thoughts on key relevant issues within the industry and hopefully engage in a meaningful dialogue with all of you. To get things started I would love one thing from anyone interested in this project. Please send me a question that is an important issue for you during a race weekend. I will look to answer this question personally in my next blog, and I will give the person who’s question I pick one free year of access to Racers360 in depth video library. I can’t wait to share this journey with you and your racing endeavors, and I hope along the way what we do here at Racers360 will make a difference for you on and off the track!
Dion von Moltke

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