Turn 12 At Road Atlanta Pro Coaching Tips

Turn 12 At Road Atlanta Coaching Tips

We hope our coaching tips were helpful to not only Michael but all of you!

You can see Michael's early apex caused him to run out of room at corner exit and made him lift.  His early throttle application induced a little bit more understeer magnifying his early apex.


We actually wrote a small article last week on just how much time those small lifts off of full throttle cost driver.  Click below to read that article.

Cowboy Exits - How Small Lifts At Corner Exit Effects Lap Time


The following are the steps on how we would work with Michael to get through turn 12 correctly:


  1. Delay turn in by 1 car length to come at the end of the curb on our left
  2. Slow down the rate of turn in (in terms of turning the wheel slower with our hands) so that you apex approximately 2 car lengths later
  3. Try and not apply the brakes in the middle of the corner - as you get closer to the limit this can cause more oversteer than we want.  In fact, it looks like that small brake application causes you to feel like you over slow after that, which causes initial throttle coming too early.
  4. Try and delay initial throttle application by about a car length or so.
  5. Most importantly we are changing his throttle so that once he gets back to full throttle he can keep at full throttle and not have that lift off of it as we see at the end of the video.


We also have a great free article where we break down why we would like to see our drivers delay their initial throttle application spot here 


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