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Ken Hill

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Ken is a former motorcycle road racer turned coach. He bought his first motorcycle at age 30 and started road racing within the year. Despite starting late in life, he went on to set track records and win class championships in California before making his professional debut, finishing in the top ten nationally at the age of 41. Ken retired from racing in 2007 and has devoted himself to coaching full-time ever since.

As a coach, Ken has not only been invited to teach, direct, and/or liase with established schools and track day providers, but developed new training programs. He started coaching at the Freddie Spencer High Performance Riding School from 2003-2008, first as a guest and then as lead instructor. He then served as lead instructor for its successor, the Yamaha Champions Riding School, until 2015. He also owns a private coaching company, has led and developed the curriculum for the Rick Development Camp for aspiring championship racers, acted as head coach, riding program director, and crew chief for the Rickdiculous racing team, runs an off-road school, and directs riding programs and puts on training seminars for track organizations throughout California and the Pacific Northwest. Showing the application of his methodology to all riders, Ken has even instructed at the Harley Davidson University.

Outside of coaching, Ken has been a contributing writer for RoadRacing World and Cycle World magazines, led press introductions for Buell, Harley Davidson, Triumph, and Pirelli Tires, created a successful podcast series, served as a test rider, and been a guest speaker at Yale University, Nike, and Google.

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