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  • Can I Select A Specific Coach?

    Absolutely, during the purchase process we allow you to select a specific coach for a small additional charge. If you decide you would like to select a specific coach we can not guarantee a specific turn around time. If you would like a same day turn around time you will not be able to select a coach, this way we can ensure only coaches who are available the day you need your video back are selected.

  • Does My Video Need Data?

    No data overlay on your video is needed. If you have it, great! If not, no problem our coaches can still give you an excellent coaching session!

  • How Do I Know If I Am Ready For A Coach?

    When you work with the very best coaches they can tailor their coaching to your experience level. So, no matter if you just finished your first track day or you have been racing for 20 years our coaches can help you. In many cases starting to work with a Racers360 coach can help you avoid bad habits and vastly increase your ability to improve and stay safe on the race track.

  • How Do I Upload Video Or Data?

    You can easily upload your video straight from your phone or computer to our dashboard or you can even copy paste a link to your video on Youtube, Dropbox, or any other popular video hosting service!

  • Is My Coaching Video Secure?

    Yes! Only you will see your coaching video unless you decide you would like to share it.

  • Should I Get A Coaching Session For My Home Track? Or Wait For When I Go To A New Track?

    The earlier you get coaching the better. Our coaches focus heavily on techniques that will apply to any race track you go to. So, no need to wait until you go to a new track - it doesn't matter how well you think you know a race track, our coaches will find areas for you to improve and if they can't they will tell you so and we will credit your session so that you can use again anytime!

  • What Video Camera Do I Need?

    Any camera! You can upload video from your phone, go-pro, or from any other video camera.

  • Where Should I Place My Camera?

    No matter what you drive the best camera position is near the front of the vehicle looking out the front. For bikes in front of yourself looking off the front is best. In cars if you can place in the car so coaches can see your hands and outside the front windshield that is best, if you can't do both then looking outside the front windshield is best. For karters as long as the coach can see off the front of the kart we can work with your video!