Circuit Of The American In-Depth Track Breakdown

Circuit Of The Americas Track Breakdown


Turn 1 – We are going steeply uphill so we can brake quite late, depending on car we are looking to get to the 100 board for initial brake. Should be 2nd gear in almost every car. As the road starts to crest that should be our turn in marker, we want a slightly late apex so we can focus on getting a good exit. Deep braking and good exit are most important factors, use all the road on exit.


Turn 2 – Because we are dropping downhill we lose front grip, we need an early-ish turn in to get close to apex curb. Depends on car setup if we want to use curb or not, I recommend trying a few laps off and a few laps on to see what feels better. Trying to hold full throttle longer into corner is most important factor, in some cars it will be flat out but not many. Use all the road on exit but hustle it back to right to setup for esses.


Esses – We want to get at least mid track before turn in, but preferably 3/4ths of the way over to the right. Turning in before the bridge and starting to lift just before the bridge in most cars. We want to get our left side tire close to the first orange curbing on our left, but not touch it. We want to hold it to the left until about 2 or 3 car lengths past that curb and then turn right, again it is important to get our right side tires as close to this orange curb on the right without touching it. We want to roll enough entry speed to where we don’t need to get back to the throttle until we are approaching the final apex of the esses. In the final left hander we want to get as close to the organge curb without touching it, focus on picking up significant throttle here. Use all the road on exit, have at least two tires on the exit curb.


Turn 6 – We want to have enough speed on first part of turn 6 so that we can’t keep the car on apex curb all the way through. The car should take us to about mid road in the middle of turn 6 – we want to double apex this corner. We are looking to lift about mid corner to bring the car back to the apex curb as we go under the signage structure. We want to go no more than mid road on the exit out of 6 and focus on holding it right to setup for turn 7.


Turn 7 – We want to be nearly all the way to the right before turn in for turn 7. It should be an extremely light brake, entry speed is the most important factor here! Because it drops downhill we also need an early turn in to get down to apex curb, without hitting the orange curb. We want to bring in enough entry speed so that we can’t get back to throttle until after apex and the car forces us to use all the road on exit, I don’t really care about when I get back to full throttle but I still am able to do so.


Turns 8 + 9 – Exit out of 8 and through 9 is the most important part here. We bring the car slightly back to the left before turn in, but no more than about a car width off the curb on our right. We want a light brake and as soon as we turn in we are aiming to get our right side tires on the red asphalt – we want to also avoid getting

our left side tires on the blue and white apex curb as that causes us to lose grip. We need to slow the car down so we can get to throttle as we start to turn back to the left. We also want the car as far right as possible before turning left. Should be full throttle before we get to apex at turn 9 and we want to try and keep as much throttle over turn 9 as possible. Get as close to orange apex curb as possible without touching it at apex in turn 9.


Turn 11 – Braking deep and good exit are vital here. Braking around the 100 board should be our goal depending on the car. We want a late turn in to have late apex so we can open hands on exit. Get to throttle at apex, we want to get very close to apex curb but avoid touching. Open hands as early as possible and use as much road on exit as we can.


Turn 12 – Braking deep here is most vital part. Depending on car we want to work our brake zone between the 150 and 200 markers. The road drops downhill right before turn in, so we need an early turn in to get down to apex. We want to get to throttle at apex, once again getting close to apex curb without touching it. Use all the road on exit.


Turn 13 – No real braking markers here, need to rely on depth perception to find your marker. We want to be able to bring in enough entry speed to trail brake to just past first apex. We want to use all the road on exit before we aim to get close to the apex curb on the run to 15 for a double apex. The important thing here is entry speed and most importantly trying to get back to full throttle early, which is difficult. After second apex open hands and you can arrive into the braking zone for 15 on the inside.


Turn 15 – We want to brake diagonally from the inside of the road to about 3/4ths of the way to the outside before turning in for 15. We want to apex right around the start of the orange curb, but not touching it. Our lowest minimum speed should come right before that orange curb and that’s where we want to get to throttle, so decently early. Use all the road on exit and then quickly hustle the car back to the left.


Turn 18 (triple right hander) – We want to turn in so we are about mid road or so as we go under the bridge. We want to apex the curb just past curb, then go towards mid road before bringing the car back to apex the second apex. After this we want to use all the road in between the second and third apex. There is a big bump near apex curb for third apex so we want to end up about 1 car width off the apex curb. We are on throttle pretty much all the way through and will look to get back to full throttle just after this bump. Use all the road on exit and hustle car back to right before turn 19.


Turn 19 – There is a lot less grip here than anywhere else on track so easy to roll too much apex speed. We want to hustle the car back to the right before turn in, usually we can only get about 3/4ths of the way back to the right. It is very

important to get the car down to the apex curb, there is a lot of grip there. Want to have be able to get to initial throttle as we get to apex curb, if we can not do that we have rolled too much speed. Use all of the road on exit!


Turn 20 – Getting a good exit is the most important part here. We want to brake just past the advertisement structure we go under, we want to apex at the start of the orange curb and that is where we also want to pick up the throttle. Getting back to full throttle is important, so open the hands as early as possible and use all the road on exit!

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