over slowing on the race track

Weekly Coaching Tip – Learning a Racetrack (Part 1)

  Learning A Racetrack – Part 1 Little By Little When it comes to learning a track it is important to have a game plan. To build this game plan I break down every corner into three sections: 1) Initial brake zone 2) Trailing off initial break all the way to turn in 3) Apex to exit For my process of learning a track we start with step 3 first.  The very first thing I need to figure out as a driver, is where I want my car to be placed at exit.  Am I getting onto a straightaway, and…

Driving On The Limit

Driving At The Limit

Looking to take your driving to the next level, but struggle with finding the limit of your car? Or don’t have the confidence in yourself to control the car there? We give you an intro onto different ways you can learn to be comfortable there!

over slowing on the race track

Weekly Coaching Tip – Timing Your Downshifts

  Heel and Toe Technique — Timing Your Downshifts   Brake zones are the busiest time from the driver seat of the racecar.  You have a lot to get done in what feels like a very little amount of time, this leads to drivers rushing their downshifts.  Often we see drivers hit the brakes initially and while they are still at that initial threshold brake immediately start downshifting.  As with the timing of the blip, patience before starting your downshifts is critical. If you are feeling the need to rush your downshifts in the brake zones then you must take…

over slowing on the race track

Weekly Coaching Tip – Timing Your Blip

  Heel and Toe Technique — When to blip?   While coaching I end up spending more time on correct shifting techniques than almost any other skill.  While technology is quickly taking away the need to learn the heel and toe technique it is still something all drivers should learn!  As the first part of our new weekly coaching tips series I want to take the next few weeks to break this down, and show you all how easy it really is. So for the first part of our heel and toe series I want to focus on the blip…

Keeping Your Eyes Up On Corner Exit

Racers360 is giving you the details of what separates the best drivers in the world and how you can take their secrets to apply to your own driving!

Roebling Road Raceway Track In-Depth Lesson

Racers360 breaks down this short and technical track located in Savannah. Because of the low grip this is a must watch video to find the fast line!

The Rain Race Podcast: Dion von Moltke

Head Racers360 Race Car Coach and pro race car driver, Dion von Moltke, joined the Rain Race Podcast to discuss race car coaching and Racers360.

Entry / Exit Speed Corners – COTA

How do professional race car drivers decide if entry speed or exit speed is more important on a certain corner? Racers360 pro coaches discuss here!

How we took 10 seconds of lap time off our drivers laps!

Racers360 pro race car driver coach, Dion von Moltke, helped a Racers360 gain 10 seconds at Sebring International Raceway. See how they did it here!

How To Read Data

Racers360 goes into detail on how you can use driver data to quickly and easily find time around the racetrack!

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