Improving Excitement On The Racetrack

It is a common belief that as downforce levels increase in motorsport the excitement of the racing decreases. Here we discuss ideas from Lucas Di Grassi to help the excitment.

How To Learn a Track (Part 1)

In part 1 of the how to learn a track series we give drivers the foundation of what they need to think about and look for when they get on track for those first few laps!

High Speed Corners

In this video we break down high speed corners and what a driver can do to gain confidence to really attack them!

Watkins Glen International Raceway In-Depth Coaching

Here we break down the famed Watkins Glen International! One of the favorites for every driver as it challenges you every lap. For the fast line around this track watch here.

How To Learn A Track

It is hard for any race car driver to learn a new track. Here we give insight from race car coaches on how you can break down any track to easily learn it!

Racing In The Rain – Finding The Racing Line

Want to learn how to drive a racecar in the wet? Here are all the tips and tricks to getting around in the worst of conditions!

How Drivers Fix Understeer On The Race Track

We all hate that miserable understeer.  Here we give you the tools as a driver on how you can best hide it and get around the track faster!

Building Popularity of Motorsports

I may be biased but I believe the age of the average viewer of motorsport getting older is a very serious problem for motorsports. Sports in general are under threat in terms of viewership and sportscar racing does have some big issues that go against everything the younger viewers look for: short content time, emotional connection to a story or person, and experienced based viewing. Our races are very long, and that is the core of our sport, so we must figure out a way to keep our history of endurance racing and keep our viewers engaged for a very long time.…

Virginia International Raceway Race Track Lesson

Virginia International Raceway is a high speed challenge for race car drivers. From the up-hill esses to the low grip first sector; learn the fast line here

Circuit Of The Americas – Full Track

This Formula 1 track in Austin has a certain flow to it.  From the steep uphill run to turn 1, through the esses and to the triple right hander we show you how to pull off a quick lap around COTA!

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