Coaching Drivers Through VIR’s Hogpen Corners

Coaching Drivers Through VIR's Hogpen Corner

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Every other week at Racers360 we ask our drivers, "what corner do you hate the most?" We take those answers and pick one winner, who then sends us their video! We take their video and break down their driving in that corner in 60 seconds or less for FREE!

This weeks video came in from Chris, he chose the Hogpen at VIR. Chris actually is driving this corner really well! There are just some very subtle ways he can improve, see those here. It is pretty amazing how much you can you can learn from the most basic of videos.

Our "Pick Your Corner" competition here is just a very small snippet of the amazing value we bring with our one lap analysis service! With this service, we take your video and have the very best race car coaches in the world give you their personal coaching tips! To learn more visit this link:

Do you want to enter our next Pick Your Corner competition? Tell us what corner you struggle the most at below!!

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