Coaching Drivers Through VIR’s Hogpen Corners

Coaching Drivers Through VIR's Hogpen Corner

Every other week at Racers360 we ask our drivers, "what corner do you hate the most?"  We then take those answers and pick one winner, who then sends us their video for a personal analysis from pro coach and Racers360 founder, Dion von Moltke!

Dion coaches with the same software we use for our personal analysis services.  For our one corner analysis, he has 60 seconds to pack in as much as he can say for a driver!

This weeks video came in from Chris, who chose the Hogpen at VIR for his one corner analysis.  Chris is actually driving this corner really well!  Dion is able to see some very subtle ways he can improve.  The power of video coaching is it allows elite level coaches to pause a video, go slow motion and see every small thing a driver can change to improve.

This is exactly how the pros go over their own video and data and look for those last few tenths of a second! 

Our "Pick Your Corner" competition here is just a very small snippet of the amazing value we bring with personal online analysis services!

How can I be coached personally by Dion von Moltke and other Racers360 pro coaches?

I really hope you will consider getting personalized coaching from us at Racers360.  Using our one lap analysis we will use YOUR video that you send us (from any camera system, in any car, at any track) and we will break down your driving while filming over it using a webcam, annotation tools, and slow-motion abilities with our software.

Racers360 race car coaching review

Your one lap video will be turned into a 15 - 20-minute in-depth break down from the very best coaches in the industry today. Thanks to this you no longer have to spend thousands of dollars on personal coaching, this whole service only costs $99 and there are no hidden fees.

You get all of this personal coaching in every video. Our average customer has shaved 2 seconds of lap time after just one video… Show us any other $99 part that can save you 2 seconds!

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