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How fast can you turn around a video?

All coaching are guaranteed to be back by 4am the next day. Nearly all videos will be ready by the end of the day. The earlier during a practice day you can upload your video to our coaches the earlier you will receive a coaching video. In some cases coaching videos can be turned around in less than 1 hour!

What can I expect to receive?

Your personal coach will watch your onboard video and film a turn by turn coaching session based on your skill level, your car, and track conditions. You will receive a 10 - 15 minute coaching video with actionable ways you can improve, a written summary and very specific goals for the next session.

Does my video need data overlays?

No! Most of our drivers upload video from a go-pro or smartphone, so we can work with any video. If you do have data overlays on your video that is great too!

How do I get you my video from the track?

We will create a profile on our dashboard for you. You will sign in our your laptop and directly upload your video to us or insert a youtube link. Since wifi can be weak at the track it is best if you cut the video down to just be your best lap. We will also be on site, so you can stop by and we can take your video SD card and upload it to our coaches too!

Can I get a refund on unused laps?

Yes. We will refund any unused credits if you like. Or we can just apply them to future bookings. Just contact support after the event.

How many laps should I buy?

It varies from driver to driver. A lot of drivers will buy a one lap analyis for each day of practice/racing. Really competitive drivers, have been known to buy one for each track session.

I do not see the booking in my Racers360 Dashboard. Where is it?

This purchase is not directly linked to your dashboard. We need to manually import the bookings. We will make sure it is completed a couple of days before the event. And we will email instructions just in case you are new to our system.

Racers360 Customer Feedback

Steve Danielson  
5 ★
27 February
I just did a remote video coaching/phone call with Dion and it was awesome. He showed me some things to change (things I thought I was already doing but wasn't) and gave some good ideas for things to try. Just got back from a weekend at Sebring where I was able to try his changes, which in the short term helped me to shave off some time, but for the long term I can tell it will build a foundation for breaking through to the next level. I'm going to digest and work with this new info, and will be back for more coaching in the future.
Hunter Allen  
5 ★
18 June
What an incredible service! I am incredibly impressed. I easily uploaded my qualifying video and picked the lap I wanted analyzed. Dion quickly reviewed it, and gave me some great coaching. He identified four different areas I needed to work on. Not only taking different lines in turns by opening my hands sooner, but improved my braking points, helped me with getting my eyes up and looking at better landmarks on the track and also being smoother on my brake application. Specific, actionable feedback! It’s amazing what he can do with just one lap of your video. AND I didn’t even have data overlaid, so he was at a disadvantage. Bottom line: With his analysis of my qualifying lap from last year, I dropped it a whole second for this years race at Watkins Glen!!!
Lloyd Shochat  
5 ★
4 February
I am amazed at how helpful your one lap analysis was. I didn't think it'd be possible for anyone to be able to get any kind of real insight to a drivers good or bad habits as well as be able to offer any helpful advice after watching just one lap, whether it be a good or bad lap, but man was I wrong! Thanks to you and racers 360, I now have specific things to work on doing, as well as not doing the next time I'm on track. I think it's an absolute must for a DE'er like me that's been frustrated for so long about not not having access to any kind of coaching at events.
Daniel Records  
5 ★
16 February
Worked with Racers360 during the NASA Texas Season Opener at MSR Houston. We ran CW which I hadn't done in several seasons and was struggling all day in practice. Sent Dion a video at ~1030pm Friday night and he had it back to me within an hour. With new tires and studying his video, I saw ~4s improvement in lap time for qualifying and went on to win the invert race on Saturday. Here's a video of the lap he analyzed and the fast lap from qualifying Saturday. We had one that was about 1s faster but it was ruined after diamonds edge by out of class traffic. Really excited that these guys have partnered with NASA and am looking forward to working with them in the future!
Ryan Bestulic  
5 ★
19 June
The amount of amazing advice Racers360 have for drivers and racers is staggering. A lot of wheelmen and wheelwomen could benefit from this service and I will be highly encouraging everyone who comes in my path to check them out.
Timothy Wise  
5 ★
12 February
Worked with Dion for the first time before COTA Super Tour and what was markedly different about his approach is that he actually teaches techniques on how to drive the car, not just talk about lines, placement of the car and such. Concrete advice on changing how your feet and hands need to manipulate the car to get the most out of it. I've worked with several coaches who say 'you need the car pointed this direction by this point of the corner' but rarely give you advice on how to make the car do that. Dion completes the loop on giving you what you want to happen, why thats good, and techniques on how to actually achieve it.

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