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A lifetime of racing knowledge from the best coaches in the world, for less than the cost of one single tire.

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what’s included in the Racers Lounge

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Video Track Guides

In-depth corner by corner video guides to race tracks all around the world. Filmed by the very best racecar driver coaches, learn all of their secrets to fast laps at nearly any race track.

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Track Maps

Look at the ideal line for all of our track guides. The perfect addition to all Racers360 track guide videos to make sure you have the perfect lines at any race track.


Join in live or watch hours and hours of webinar recordings from the best motorsport coaches in the world.

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Partner Discounts

Racers Lounge members get special discounts from some of their favorite motorsport brands!

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Customer Feedback

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I had never considered coaching before because the price tag was always too high. I didn’t realize the power of pro coaching until Racers360 made it affordable. After my first coaching session I went 3 seconds faster in my next session. Racers360 is the cheapest way to find serious speed on the race track.

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Jeff Bennett

Enthusiast Racecar Driver

01 March 2020

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I instantly lopped 1.7 seconds off my best time the first time out on the track from a 20 minute coaching session and a days work on my end. A fella could spend $7000 on a set of adjustable shocks and would be ecstatic to see that kind of improvement at Limerock. It cost me $100. Needless to say Racers360 has been by far the greatest return on investment I’ve had from money spent trying to go faster on track.
Needless to say I'm now a Bible-thumping Racers360 Zealot. I'd encourage anyone to visit their site and chat with Dion to see how they can help with your driving.

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Mark Petronis

Enthusiast Racecar Driver

14 Aug 2019

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The Racers360 Driver’s Lounge is the single best deal in motorsports today. The track guides are very nicely put together and while driver’s of any level will benefit from them they are especially good for the experienced driver looking to maximize their driving.

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Eric Meyer

NASA Chief Driving Instructor

22 Sep 2019

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I sent in my first video for review on a lark and was amazed at what I got back. Dion really took his time to point out all the areas I have for improvement, including driver inputs, speeds, car position, car angle, and more. What amazed me was the follow up emails, A PHONE CALL, and a genuine caring that I understood what he was telling me and the concepts involved.
Having done HPDE for 20 years, tons of data analysis at all levels, and having worked with other professional coaches, I can say for certain - the attention and quality of info you get from Racers360 is THE BEST!
I recommend Racers360's services to anyone and everyone without reservation.

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Matt Romanowski

Enthusiast Racecar Driver

18 June 2018

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