Autobahn Country Club Full track guide

Autobahn Country Club South Course track guide

Turn 1

Most cars will be braking somewhere in between the 3 and 4 boards that are found on the grass to the right side of the track. We want to focus on getting off of heavy brake pressure pretty early so we can roll in a good amount of entry speed and extend our braking zone. This will allow us to get that rotation we need in the middle of the corner to get down to our second apex and not pick up the throttle too early.

Only pick up initial throttle as you are heading towards that second apex, which is the start of that second apex curb.

Turn 2

We want to focus on a late apex here so we can get back to full throttle out of turn 2 and try to keep that through turn 3. If you are running out of road on exit and able to commit back to full throttle then you have likely turned in too early or picked up your initial throttle too early.

Our turn in point is usually the very end of the pit lane exit on our left hand side. Apexing the middle to back end of the apex curb.

Turn 3

We want to setup to the right hand side here before turning into turn 3. It is really important to get our eyes looking to the left as early as possible. Apexing right at the middle of the curb for turn 3 and that is where we want to pick up our initial throttle aggressively.

Turn 4

A very light brake zone here, focus on rolling entry speed. Typically we want our turn in to come around the 1 board. We want to apex about 1 car length passed the start of the apex curb, we need to pick up our eyes early to see that exit curb and get out to it early and use all the track on exit.

Turn 5

Another light brake zone where we are focused on rolling entry speed. Our turn in marker is again right about the 1 board as well. We want to apex the first third of the apex curb and use all the road on exit as we have enough time to get back to the left before we are braking for turn 6.

Turn 6

Turn 6 has a very awkward braking zone. We want to angle our car so that when we hit the brakes initially we are angled towards the outside of the track to the turn in for the corner. Being able to trail brake effectively here is key. As we start to turn in for our apex we want to be very light on the brakes to help bring the car down to the apex.

Only picking up initial throttle as the road compresses at the apex. Our apex should come right about mid curb.

Turn 7

Keep those eyes up and apex the start of the apex curb.

Turn 8

Most drivers will work towards getting just inside the 4 board before braking (can change a lot depending on your car so be careful). Another corner where we want a nice long trail brake and it is important not to apex too early. We want to apex mid curb and be really focused on getting back to full throttle as early as possible.

Turns 9 and 10

Short squirt of full throttle between 8 and 9. Into 9 we want a light and long brake zone so that we can trail brake passed the apex point. That additional weight on the front nose will allow us to get more rotation and keep it to the right at a higher speed. The most important thing here is to get back to full throttle as early as possible out of turn 10.

We want to get a short squirt of full throttle in between 9 and 10 and as we turn back for turn 10 that is where we time our lift or if you need a small application of the brakes it should come then. Importantly we need to make sure we are delaying our initial throttle until we can start to unwind the steering wheel out of turn 10. Apexing the start of the apex curb so we can use the camber in the road to our advantage. Make sure we use all the road on exit.

Turns 11 and 12

In this section we are focused on trying to get back to full throttle as early as possible while keeping full throttle through turn 12. Working slowly towards braking inside the 5 for most cars is a good point. For turn 11 we have another corner with a very long trail brake to hold it to the right.

Turn 11 we want to slowly roll more and more entry speed until turn 12 is no longer flat, that is where we know we are over the limit and back it down slightly from there.

Turn 13 - 15

We want to focus on a light and long braking zone here to trail brake deep into 13 and getting back to full throttle as early as possible. Working our initial braking zone towards the 2 board for most cars. For turn 13 our turn in comes around the 1 board and we want to apex about the middle of the apex curb.

What is important here is to get back to full throttle and keep full throttle through 15. So, don't pick up the initial throttle too early as that will induce understeer and not allow us to keep full throttle or get back to it as early as possible. Have one nice turning arc and apexing the start of the apex curb for turn 14.