Barber Motorsports Park - The Official Race track guide

Barber Motorsports Park Race Track Notes

Turn 1

Turn 1 goes steeply downhill at the end of the brake zone into the turn in point and apex. So, this isn’t a corner we can trail a lot of brake pressure past turn in. We want to get the majority of our braking done straight line, and trail in light brake pressure past turn in.

You can definitely get away with a little bit of coasting here to help roll in apex speed. We want to apex just passed the start of the apex curb. Ideally we pick up initial throttle application right at the apex.

Turns 2 + 3

We want to use all of the road out of turn 1 and don’t worry about opening back to the left before entering turn 2. We want to work on a very light and long brake zone here. Treating turn 2 and 3 as one long double apex corner is best.

If you are able to keep the car towards the inside all the way around you have likely over slowed the corner. If done right after the first apex the car will understeer about a half car width – 1 car width off the inside.

We want to have our second apex come right around the start of the apex curb. We also want to avoid any initial throttle until we have the car pointed and close to the second apex. Use all of the road on corner exit.

Turn 4

We never really stop turning from the exit to the entry to turn 4. The rear turn in point comes roughly around the end of the exit curb out of turn 3. We want to aim to apex the curb and apex right around the start of it. The corner is very uphill and very blind, so be conservative your first few laps until you get a feel for how much room you have on corner exit.

Turn 5

Turn 5 at Barber Motorsports Park is the best overtaking opportunity. The brake zone goes steeply downhill, we want to have our initial brake zone come before the drop downhill really starts.

We want to turn in about mid curb on the right and apex about 1 car length passed the start of the apex curb. The rest of the corner gets interesting. We almost want to treat it like a double apex, but without getting down to the apex curb for a second apex.

We want to trail brake passed the first apex, when we end up about a car width off the apex curb that is where we want to get the car rotated and heading up the hill. That additional rotation will get you heading towards the apex curb, but we stay about a car width off of it at minimum and really apply the throttle only after we get the rotation.

Turns 8 + 9

In turn 8 we want our initial braking to come typically before the bridge. We spend very little time on heavy pressure to roll in good entry speed and extend our trail braking. Ideally here we do not get back on throttle until we are at the apex for turn 9.

We want to apex turn 8 about a car length or so passed the start of the apex curb. If you car is okay with running over curbs, opening up your hands and rolling over the curb on the left entering turn 9 can be useful. If you use it make sure your hands are straight and you coast over the top of it.

Having your eyes up and looking through the corner in 9 is critical. We have a longer apex here, and only want to pick up throttle right about mid curb. We want to open up our hands as early as possible and get out to that exit curb right when it starts, that will maximize our exit and give us more time to get back to the right for turns 10 and 11.

Turns 10 + 11

We are turning into turn 10 about mid curb on the right. We want to apex the middle / back half of the apex curb, if you turn in too early it will push you wide and really compromise your line through 11.

We want to turn back to the right roughly around the end of the turn 10 apex curb and apex turn 11 right around mid apex curb. Use all of the road on exit, but hustle it back to the right before turns 12 and 13.

Turns 12 + 13

Most cars will start their braking into turn 12 just before the start of the curb on the right. We are turning in around mid curb on the right and apexing turn 12 about mid / back end of the curb. We will then almost immediately turn in for turn 13. It is uphill so we want that earlier turn in.

In 13 we want to use the uphill to help slow the car down, so work on rolling in good entry speed. You can either use the entire curb or none of it, not a great curb to partially use.

We want to pick up the throttle right around mid curb, the car can get light as you work towards full throttle right around the crest of the hill so just be heads up.

Turns 14 + 15 + 16

Not long after we crest the hill out of 13 we will be turning in down the hill into 14. We want to use all of the apex curb in 14, it is very grippy in there.

Not long after the curb we want to work back to significant throttle through 15 so that the car takes us mid road to even more left before braking into turn 16. This corner is very long and uphill, so it is easy to get lost in here. Eye discipline is critical.

As we start braking into turn 16 we want to make sure we are at least mid road or even more to the left. It is a very light brake here, just enough to get the nose pointed and turned in.

We want to keep it right on the exit, so trail braking deeper into the corner so you can get more rotation at a higher speed. So, apexing about mid curb and not picking up throttle until then.

Turn 17

This is a very tricky, downhill final corner. It is not quite a full lift in most cars and we are very focused on getting a good exit. We want to turn in about mid curb on the right and apex about a half car length or so passed the start of the apex curb. That is also where we want to start picking up significant throttle and be back to full throttle as we start to move away from the apex curb.

If you feel like you aren’t picking up full throttle by then, you likely rolled in too much apex speed.