Brainerd International Raceway Race Track Guide

## Brainerd International Raceway Race Track Notes

Turn 1

Fast right-hand sweeper that is taken flat. Apex is track right along the grass. You will transition from the road course onto the drag strip runoff that has some banking and will catch the car slightly as you transition. Use all the track on the left as you exit to keep speed up and setup for turn 2.

Turn 2

One of the fastest turns in North America. Should be top speed and highest gear on entry. Typically, this corner is just a lift, but in cars with little or no aero a brush of the brakes on entry is necessary to get weight on the front tires and turn the car into the apex. Find a reference on track right or left on the wall or speed or RPM as reference when to lift or brake. There is curbing on the inside of the track right that is used for the apex. There are very few references throughout the entire corner, so it is critical to keep your eyes up and be one or two steps ahead of where you are. Allow the car to float out track left on exit to keep speeds up and not cause oversteer on exit.

Turn 3

Setting up track left, brake around the 4 mark depending on your cars speed and braking ability. Turn in just before the end of the curbing track left. Slow hand on turn in and look far around the corner for the curbing and apex. The entry is a bit deceiving and exit is quite wide.

Turn 4

This is a very late apex left hand turn that leads onto a very short straight. Late apex and sacrifice the exit to setup track left for the following corner. Track out to mid track at most and a quick squirt of full throttle on exit.

Turn 5

Setup track left and apex at the end of the apex curbing. Hard on the throttle on exit and use all the track available on the exit to carry speed down the straight.

Turn 6

Setup track right and brake at the beginning of the curbing. Slightly early throttle and carry as much speed as possible to keep apex speed up. Using the curb on exit is ok, but be careful to not drop a tire off the edge of the track. There is a lip where curb ends and track drops off that can upset the car.

Turn 7

This is a high-speed left-hand kink. Lift on entry to allow the car to turn in, then back to full throttle at the apex curbing. Exit is a straight line towards the beginning of the curbing for turn 8.

Turn 8

This is a long right-hand carousel. Exit turn 7 aiming straight towards the curbing track right at the beginning of turn 8 and brake in a straight line. This will be our first apex of turn 8. The second apex of this turn is very far around the corner and is a very late apex. Allow the car to drift out to about mid track after braking and hitting the first apex. Use maintenance throttle to balance the car and maintain minimum speed. Keep your eyes looking far ahead and start to bring the car back towards the second apex track right when you see the corner stand on the inside of the track. There is curbing that will appear track right that will be apex two. Begin to pickup throttle at the curbing and accelerate full throttle towards turn 9.

Turn 9

This is a slight left-hand bend that is taken flat. No need to apex turn 9 because you will be setting up for turn 10.

Turn 10

This is a fast left-hand bend in the track that leads to the pit lane straight. The apex is track left against the concrete barrier. Most cars will have a slight lift at the apex to keep the car track left to setup for turn 11.

Turn 11

Very fast right-hand kink onto the pit lane straight. You will need to lift or lightly brush the brakes to help the front of the car turn into the apex. Use all the curbing at apex and all the curbing at exit.

Turn 12

Work hard to get the car setup back track right for braking. Brake hard between the finish line and the 3 mark. This is the slowest corner on the track. Use the curbing at apex but do not track out fully track right on exit. A late apex will help get the car rotated and straighter on exit so that you can get to full throttle for a short period before turn 13.

Turn 13

Setup track left under the bridge. The corner is a very late apex and slightly off camber on exit. A late apex will get the car straighter for the exit and help put power down while the track is falling away off camber. Putting the power down and getting a good exit is critical here because it leads to the longest straight and highest speed part of the track.