Buttonwillow Raceway Park CCW Race Track Guide

Buttonwillow Raceway Park CCW Race Track Notes

Turn 1

It is all about trying to maximize your time on full throttle in and out of here. So, we should look for a braking zone just past the access road on the left hand side.

There is a good amout of camber in this corner, so we want to have a slightly earlier and slower turn in to use that camber to help rotate the car. Wait for the apex before any throttle input but right at the apex where the road compresses you can get aggressively back to throttle.


It is easy to get lazy in the esses and spend a lot of time at maintenance throttle. Instead we need to really attack the entry and drive it as deep as possible on full throttle, have a full lift if needed and then get back to full throtte as early as possible at corner exit.

This is a very fast section so we really need to have slow hands and be very disciplined with getting our eyes up looking far forward.

Star Mazda

It is all about getting back to full throttle at exit here. The apex comes nearly at the end of the apex curb, so we want a nice slow turn in so that we don't apex too early. The turn in comes right around the end of the curb on our right hand side.

Get your eyes up so that you are unwidnding the steering wheel as early as possible so you can get back to full throttle as early as possible.

Phil Hill

Either way you drive this track Phil Hill presents a pretty big challenge. We want to roll enough speed over the crest of the hill so that we don't get to throttle until the car lands on the other side. We also don't want much brake pressure as we go over the hill, so a litle bit of coast time is totally fine here.

Getting back to full throttle as early as possible after we crest the hill is our #1 priority here.


We can really attack the entry here. Just like the esses it is easy to get stuck spending a lot of time on maintenance throttl here. Instead, let's work on carrying full throttle as long as possible into it. We wait for the car to take us about a half car width or so off the inside, then slowly lift off the throttle to get the car to rotate and come back down to the inside.

The Bus Stop

The first apex of the bus stop is quite tight. The apex curb can really upset the car, but it is often hard to avoid it. So, try using it and try avoiding it and see which one is better for you - it's a corner where we need to experiment.

Entry speed is slightly more important than getting a good exit in the first right hander of the bus stop.

In the second right hander of the bus stop we want to sacrifice a little bit of speed to keep the car to the right to maximize your run through club corner.

Club Corner

Club corner is a corner where we really need to balance entry and exit speeds. Typically this is just a lift or a very light brake zone. We want to time our lift to come right at turn in so we get that additional rotation.

Ideally we pick up the throttle right at the apex and get back to full throttle very soon after that.


Grapevine is a lot more difficult when you are driving Buttonwillow Raceway CCW vs. CW. We must get our speed reduction done before the crest of the hill, once you crest the car gets light and as soon as it lands and compresses we are turning in.

This makes it very hard to find the limit of the car. Focus on braking lighter rather than deeper to bring in more entry speed.

Cotton Corners

Our priority in the cotton corners is to maximize our exit out of the last left hander. So, with that priority in mind we work backwards.

The first left hander is all about entry speed and a long trail brake. We want to trail brake passed the apex and bring enough speed so that we end about mid-road. Get a squirt of full throttle and a lift or small brake in the next right. On exit of the next right we want to end up slightly to the right of mid road.

When done right you should have enough entry speed in the last left to where you only pick up the throttle at the apex and get aggressively back to full throttle there.


This is a very long double apex where patience is key. Entry speed is the most important thing in the first apex, so bring enough entry speed in so that you can trail brake passed the apex.

The exit is the most important part of the second apex. So, we want a squirt of full throttle between the apexes and as you turn in for the second apex you will want a full lift and possible a very light amount of brake pressure. We want to be patient to not pick up the throttle until the car compresses at the apex, get back on the throttle aggressively right at that point.


Once again our priortiy is getting back to full throttle as early as possible here (after the apex) to maximize our run onto the front straight. But, we can still roll in a good amount of entry speed here.

Our braking zone comes around the start of the curb on the left hand side or just passed it. We want to hit the brakes hard initially but start releasing heavy brake pressure quickly so that you don't over slow.

We want nice slow hands so that we apex passed the middle of the apex curb. Make sure you are not on throttle before the apex (very easy to do here) and then get back to full throttle before you get out to the exit curb.