Hallet Motorsports Park Official Race Track Guide

## Hallet Motorsports Park Race Track Notes

Keys to putting together the ideal lap at Hallet:

Maximizing straights between T1- T3. Focusing on car position and rolling momentum through 4-7. Then trying to not throw it all away in T9-10.

Turn 1

Treat this corner like a fast kink. It’s leads off a long straight and onto another. Neither end is more important than the other. Brake comfortably deep and trail brake on entry for a quicker exit. Apex curb is okay to use for most cars.

Turn 2

Late braking is important but tricky to get right. Main focus should be parking the car at corner entry and follow the inside curb because the exit is the most important.

Turn 3

Avoid curb unless you have run wide at 2

Turn 4

Brush the brakes before crest for most cars. Rolling momentum is most important. Set yourself up for a late apex and avoid any abrupt inputs.

Turn 5

Braking between 4-5 usually not necessary but if unable to get back to throttle by apex adjust entry speed. Curb is okay to use for most cars

Turn 6

Rolling speed and holding a tight line is the best way though this corner. Trail brake on entry but have patience thru the center before going back to the throttle. Don’t go to throttle unless you can keep adding power all the way to track out

Turns 7 - 9

Brush of the brakes in higher horse power cars for T7. Momentum cars might be just a lift. Early turn in and keep car positioned to the left near curb until road crests. T8 try not to rush back to power just focus on getting setup for the braking zone. T9 don’t over do it and just focus on the exit. Early turn in is okay here because the elevation is climbing and mist cars will gain front grip. Wait for compression at apex before going back to throttle on exit.

Turn 10

Focus on braking as late as possible and getting the best exit possible. Recommend keeping car tight to apex at crest before starting to track out and add power.