Homestead Speedway Road Course - Official Race Track Guide

## Homestead Speedway Road Course Race Track Notes

Turn 1 & 2

Having your eyes up and being relaxed in the car are key points to bring as much speed as you can through turn 1 and into the braking zone for turn 2.

In turn 1 we will want to get on the brakes just after we turn in for most cars. We hit the brakes decently hard initially, but then release off of them to roll as much speed through the apex.

Just after we pass the apex we will get back on the brakes aggressively to bleed off speed into turn 2. This is where the grip at Homestead Speedway really drops off, which makes it easy to roll in too much speed and not be able to pick up the throttle until you get out to the exit curb.

We want to be turning in at the end of the curb on our right hand side. The apex comes about mid curb and we want to be able to start picking up throttle right there and be back to full throttle before we get out to the exit curb.

Turn 3

We want to start our braking as we get the car pointed in towards the corner. The grip is to the inside here so we want an early apex, right at the start of the apex curb.

But, because we want to hold the car to only go as wide as about mid road on exit we want a long trail brake to get enough rotation. Get a small squirt of full throttle in-between 3 and 4.

Turn 4

It is all about getting a good exit in turn 4. Because it drops down hill and it has camber we can get away with an earlier turn in here and still get a great exit.

We want to apex about mid curb and get aggressive back to throttle there, with the camber you can be more aggressive to throttle than usual.

Turn 6

Turn 6 is another low grip corner. We want to maximize our time at full throttle and brake deep here, but we also need a somewhat early turn in.

Braking usually start right around the first brake marker. We want to turn in right around the end of the curb on our left and apex pretty early on. We want our right front tire just up to the apex curb before we get to that concrete patch on the left. Keep it tight as that is where the grip is.

Turn 7

In some cars this corner is easy flat out, but in most it is right on the edge. The important thing here is to keep your eyes up and be as smooth as possible.

Turn 8

There are two important parts of turn 8 to focus on maximizing:

1) Get back to full throtttle as early as possible at exit

2) Stay on full throttle as long as possible into turn 8.

Essentially we want a deep brake zone, trail brake it all the way down to a late apex, and then get your eyes up so you open your hands as much as possible on exit to allow you to get back to full throttle as early as possible.


In most cars the banking here is very close to flat out, you may need a small lift. Of course this is very much car dependent so always slowly work up to it.

The most important things to think about when driving on a banking is that your inputs need to be super smooth (always true with high speed corners) and we need to be very focused on looking as far ahead as possible.

To look far enough ahead on the banking you will actually be looking up and to the left while driving. This can be a very weird feeling for anyone new on bankings, give it sometime as you will adjust.