Indianapolis Motorspeedway GP Official track guide

Indianapolis Motorspeedway Race Track Notes

Turn 1

Brake hard using brake markers in the fence drivers left as reference. Make sure to have eyes up looking for the apex that is an island of white and blue curbing. Very easy to carry to much speed at entry and end up too wide at exit and in the grass.

Turn 2

Slight brake or lift to make a quick transition back to the left.

Turn 3

Should be taken flat holding tight to the apex curbing and track all the way out to drivers left on exit setting up for turn 4.

Turn 4

Make sure to get down to the apex curbing and not track out all the way to drivers left on exit. We want to carry as much speed as possible and start the car heading back to mid track on exit.

Turn 5-6 Chicane

We want to make sure we are at least middle of the track setting up for the chicane so that we have a late enough entry into turn 5 that we don’t completely run over the curbing of turn 6. If you’re setup correctly the chicane should be taken flat. The exit curbing is paved on the outside as well, so if you need to run over it there is plenty of space to do so.

Turn 7

There isn’t much reference for braking. Use the start of the curbing drivers right. This corner leads into a series of short tight corners, so carry as much speed through the apex as possible. It is ok to track out all the way on exit to help carry speed.

Turn 8

Enter the corner with just a slight brush of the brakes or a lift and use all the apex curbing to straight out this part of the track as much as possible. Do not over slow the car.

Turn 9

Again just a brush of the brakes or a lift to get the car to turn in and use all the apex curbing. Try not to track out fully on exit, because we want to compromise our exit to setup and get a good run out of the next corner leading onto a straight.

Turn 10

It is very important to get a late apex leading onto the straight. The exit tightens so a late apex is critical to being able to reach full throttle as early as possible.

Turn 11

This should be able to be taken full throttle. Let the car drift out towards the wall once you get onto the speedway from the apron.

Turn 12

Make sure you brake and enter the turn up against the wall to use all the track available to you. It is very easy to carry too much speed into this corner, but we want to make sure to sacrifice the exit to get a better run through the next turn onto the front straight.

Turn 13

Make sure to get a late apex and use all the curbing available at apex. It is common for drivers to apex this corner early, but it leads onto the longest straight. We want a late apex to get to full throttle early and carry as much speed as possible.

Turn 14

This corner should be taken flat although that is not always possible. Typically, early in the weekend when the track is dirty or in higher horsepower cars it is very difficult to keep full throttle without tracking out too wide towards the wall. It is very important to stay tight to the right and on the clean part of the track. There will be debris and marbles out of the groove and very slick if you get off line.