Laguna Seca track guide

Laguna Seca Racetrack Notes

Turn 1

It is blind over the crest here but should be flat out. Under bridge heading into corner you want to be somewhat close to pitwall, after bridge let the car go to about mid road and then turn in up the main part of the hill. Before the road crests you want to be down by the painted line separating the track from pit lane.

Turn 2

Brake marker is where the sand on the right ends and that run off road on the right starts. Hard initial brake but then coming off as road really drops down hill. You want to get close to the first apex curb, but letting the car go past it. This creates a “V” and you do the majority of the turning after first apex. Turn sharply down to second apex, getting to curb. You want to be on throttle and opening hands at that second curb.

Turn 3

Hustle the car back to the left quickly. This is a light brake zone about a 5 or 6 pedal initially. Brake marker is just past the start of the curb on the left. It is a pretty early turn in and most importantly getting your right front tire onto that painted blue curb while avoiding the red hotdog. If you can get to significant throttle at that curb you are doing well.

Turn 4

Another light braking zone here to keep the platform neutral. We focus on exit speed here. Braking passed the bridge and getting down to that blue curb once again – that is also where we want to get to throttle. Eyes up so you can see exit and unwind hands to use all the exit curb.

Turn 5

Use that uphill to catch the car! Float good entry speed. Braking just past the bridge, it is a hard initial brake – about an 8 pedal or so. You want an early turn in and early apex. Don’t care too much about when you get to throttle but eyes up to use all the road on exit.

Turn 6

The most difficult corner here – braking just past the bridge, decently light brake about a 4 or 5 pedal. Looking for the 2 board as turn in marker as it’s blind on entry. You want to get your left side tire all over the blue curb as it really compresses there. Once you get to that curb and the car compresses you can get aggressively back to throttle.


As you go up the hill bringing the car back to the left. Braking marker is end of the curb on your left. After you brake immediately bring the car to your right and have right side tires on the curb on your right. Late turn in and hold the car left a little bit longer past the apex curb. Initial throttle just before you drop down the hill. You want to have your right side tire just nibbling apex curb on the second apex and committing to full throttle there. Use all the road on exit.

Turn 9

You want to be about 1 to 2 car widths off the inside of the road. A very light and longer break here, holding it down near the inside to middle of the road. Just nicking the apex curb near the end of the corner. I don’t really care where you get back to throttle here, more about rolling speed. Hustle car back to left to setup for turn 10.

Turn 10

Braking around 2 board on the left. It is an early turn in and you really want to get your right side tires on the blue curb. If you can get to throttle there. I want to bring in as much entry speed as I can while still hitting the apex. If you aren’t able to make it to the apex you may be turning in too late.

Turn 11

Hard braking at the 3 board. It is quite a bit slower than you think, most people bring too much apex speed in and overshoot corner. It is a late turn in and all about the apex. You want to hit the apex curb and get to throttle there.