Lime Rock Park - The Official Race Track Guide

## Lime Rock Park Race Track Notes

Turn 1

A good initial brake zone will be at the start of the braking markers. Depending on the car we can eventually work that down to around the 4 board. This is a classic double apex corner. We want to bring in enough speed to be able to trail brake past the first apex. You want to get as close as possible to the first apex curb without touching it. If done correctly you will use all the road in the middle of the corner and will be braking lightly all the way until you get out there. Again looking to get as close as possible to grey curb at the second apex without touching it. The road is cambered at this second apex so you want to apex early to take advantage of the extra grip. It does go off camber on exit so expect the car to push or lose grip as the road goes off camber. You want to get to initial throttle as you get to second apex. Use all the road on exit!

Turn 3

Don’t worry about trying to get back to the right side of the road to set up for turn 3, you can brake and turn in from all the way to the left or mid road. You will need a light initial brake and once again it is a double apex corner. You apex pretty much right away but need enough speed so the car takes you about mid road in the middle of the corner. You want to get to the apex curb for your second apex where it sticks out the farthest and be able to get to initial throttle there. It is important to keep the car to the left hand side of the road to setup for turn 4.

Turn 4

Getting a good exit is vital here. It is a very light initial brake and the road is cambered at apex so a decently early turn in is needed. You want to get to initial throttle right at apex curb. Getting as close to the grey apex curb as possible without actually touching it. The road on exit switches from cambered to off cambered so traction as you get close to exit curb can be difficult.


Very light brake, entry speed is critical and getting your hands straight as you crest the hill is vital. With the conrer being up hill we want an early turn in to let the hill “catch the car,” That allows us to roll more speed. You want to apex just past the start of the big grey apex curb, not touching it again. Getting to initial throttle just past the start of the apex curb. You probably won’t get back to full throttle until after the crest of the hill, but it is very important to make sure your hands are straight as you crest over the hill.

West Bend

A decently light brake, and no real brake markers here. You need to rely on depth perception for your brake zone. Entry speed is important here, apexing where the curb is farthest out and that is also where we look to get back to initial throttle. We want to get as close to that grey curb as possible without touching it. Use all the road on exit.

The Downhill

Entry speed very important here. We want to start braking as we are still going downhill but past the bridge. Our aim here is to be nearly done with braking by turn in, turn in is right where the road starts to flatten out and compress. We want to get to throttle as we are approaching the apex curb to help us gain rear grip. Get as close as possible to grey curb, without touching it. Use all the road on exit!

Those are the quick notes for a quick lap around Lime Rock Park!