Mosport - The Official Race Track Guide

## Mosport Race Track Notes

Turn 1

Turn 1 is a light brake, just before you come over the crest of the hill. You have to turn in early to get down to the apex curb, and hold that apex curb for a little while. Around this track the darker black asphalt has mega grip, you want to be in early enough so that your right side tires are inside of it and you are apexing near the start of the apex curb. You can definitely flow a lot more speed here than you think, and use all the road on exit.

Turn 2

This is the big balls corner around this track, and with the Pirelli tires and pretty good downforce it is a lot faster than you think. Hustle the car out of turn 1 back to the right, it will be a quick light brake. Here you may be between gears, at the beginning of the weekend I downshifted 1 gear, but I believe in qualifying I left it in the gear I arrived in (5th I believe). The turn in is just after the bridge and it is a total double apex. After the first apex you need enough speed to push the car out mid corner, and then work it back to have the whole car over the black asphalt near the exit. Knowing that asphalt has more grip I try and commit to full throttle on it, here carrying speed is more important the getting down to the second apex. Use all the road on exit.

Turn 3

No real brake marker here, just have to use depth perception. This corner is a bit strange, as the car balance will change drastically based on weather. Again trying to get the whole car on the black asphalt. It’s 2 downshifts so down to third gear. You want a late apex, my point is where the curb sticks out late in the corner. Try and commit to full throttle right around here, but on older tires getting to throttle will be difficult.

Turn 4

If we have the car working well this corner will be flat out, but very difficult to keep flat. You want to turn in right under the bridge, keep your steering wheel arc and then as the road is going to compress you add more steering wheel for a late apex. Keep it as far left as possible on exit here to setup for turn 5, but you don’t want to overslow to do so.

Turn 5

Very similar concept to Oak tree here. You want to have a light brake, and not have to get back to throttle in between 5a and 5b. It’s a light initial brake and 1 downshift before you crest the hill, I try and lighten my brake application over the crest of the hill as the rear can get light over the crest. Once you land on the other side you can add a tiny bit more break and 1 more downshift. Again keeping the car on the black asphalt, you have an early turn into 5b and getting to throttle as early as possible. You want to be very close to the apex curb there, but avoid it as it will upset the car.

Turn 8

Flat under the bridge, and over the crest of the road. I don’t have a solid brake marker here either, so using depth perception. Here you really have to use the downforce on the car, so it’s a light brake and down 1 gear. You double apex, and you are just holding on until you get to the black asphalt near the second apex. When you get there you can pretty much commit to full throttle right away. And hold it to the right to setup for turns 9 and 10, which are rhythm corners.

Turn 9 + 10

Turn 9 is a light brake and 1 downshift, you get back to partial throttle. You really have to try and get the car back to the left to setup for turn 10, so you don’t exit very far wide out of it. Turn 10 can be inbetween gears, but I started rolling 3rd, which seemed to work well with out torque. Similar to 5b, it’s a decently early turn in and using the black asphalt. You need to get as close to the apex curb as you can without hitting it, and then using all the road on exit.