NCM Motorsports Park - The Official Race track guide

NCM Motorsports Park Race Track Notes

Keys To The Perfect Lap At NCM.

Maximizing exit speed out of 1B, T2, T6, T10, & T23. Smoothness and car position is paramount in T5, T 6–10, T21-23. Patience in the carousel and sink hole.

Corner Notes:

Turn 1 A&B

Rough braking marker is around start finish for most cars. Easy trail brake to keep a slight bit of weight in nose of car for 1a to turn in at 1B. Focus on exit.

Turn 2

Strong straight line brake around 2.5 marker for most cars. Strong trail brake to get car pointed by apex. Exit speed is the most important and not the 2nd apex curb.

Turns 3-4

Nice and smooth through here; flat for most cars

Turn 5

If anything be early on the brakes to set up for easy and smooth transition into corner. Rolling speed and staying right to the curb is where the time comes from here. Exit isn’t important because it leads right into another braking zone.

Turns 6-9

Treat T6 like the beginning of a long straight away. Speed built off T6 carries into T7 and sets the rhythm for 8 & 9. T7-9 no corner is more important than the other all corners are equally compromised.

Turn 10

The slowest corners are usually the hardest. Follow number boards on left side of track to attempt to straighten your braking zone as much as possible. Wide entry to the right compromises braking and adds unnecessary distance. T or diamond off the corner straight brake & straight exit out minimizing time spent turning in the center. Exit speed off 10 is what is important not rolling into 10.

Turn 12 (deception)

I don’t recommend turning in from right side of the track. Set yourself up to the left - parallel to the grass to increase the radius of the corner. Brush the brakes lightly on entry but trail almost all the way to the apex. Car being pointed down the track is most important and a strong exit gains the most lap time.

Turn 13

Flat for most cars but smoothness is key here.


Hands straight over the crest

Turns 15-16

Braking on entry may not be necessary for all cars but it’s safe to start off braking and build speed gradually. Straight hands after the kink to the left and apply firm but brief brake pressure for 16. If you can’t stay to the right around 16 you are carrying too much entry speed. Track out at end of curb.

Turn 17

Brake early; smoothness is key and get your eyes all the way through the corner. Faster than most people expect it to be.

Recommend about a car width or a little more off the inside and set your self up for the drop down sink hole. It is most important to be pointed straight down the hill (car will get light if your rolling enough speed)

Sink hole

Tap the brake on entry for most cars, but it’s a corner where you can roll too much speed and be okay just don’t fight the car up the hill if it washes out a little.


No brakes for most cars but use the throttle to move weight where you need the grip. Smoothness is key and the exit on the front is all that really matters.