NOLA Motorsports Park Official Race Track Guide

## NOLA Motorsports Park Race Track Notes

Keys to the ideal lap of NOLA Motorsports Park:

Respect the bumps.

Front straight - T1

Common to drive more towards the middle of the road to avoid the more aggressive bumps still position car to the left for braking zone and entry of T1. Strong trail brake on entry of 1 to extend your braking as late as possible but try to avoid a late apex. It’s okay to turn in a bit early because there is no need to hustle most cars back to the right

Turn 2

Follow the curb all the way around. Basically a straightaway for most cars and allow the car to track out right on exit

Turn 3

Brake comfortably deep and trail brake on entry. Okay to early apex here but have a bit of patience get the car turned as much as possible early on before going back to throttle and allowing the car to track out to about the middle of the road

Turn 4

Hustle the car back to the left on entry and setup for a strong exit. The exit is most important. Drive this corner the same as T3 but use all the track out.

Turn 5

Rolling speed is key here. Trail brake on entry to help setup for a straight exit. Treat this corner as high speed kink neither end is more important than the other. Minimize the coast phase as much as possible for fast entry and a fast exit.

Turn 6

Slow hands on entry. Trail braking for most of the corner when done properly. Exit is most important

Turn 7

Flat for most but not all. Breath off the throttle if necessary

Turn 8-9

Braking maybe necessary in higher horsepower cars. Rolling momentum is key. Some cars may be able to use curb at 8. Early turn in okay here to avoid scrubbing speed and stay tight to the curb at 8 for a good setup into 9. Avoid curb at 9 and focus on a smooth exit

Turn 13

Brake comfortably deep and trail on entry. Drive curve the same as T1. Early turn in and allow car to track out left. No advantage to staying tighter on exit for better setup into the left hand carousel.

Turn 14

Keep car tight to curb all the way thru. Most important to setup properly for T15

Turn 15

Starts the straightaway. Set up for a good exit whatever momentum you build off this corner carry’s to T16

Turn 16

Tight on entry and setup for a straight exit which is most important. Don’t add throttle until you can keep adding