Portland Internatioanl Raceway - The Official Race Track Guide

## Portland International Raceway Race Track Notes

Turns 1 and 2

Really important to have our eyes looking at the apex is vital into turn 1. We want to focus on a nice deep and hard initial brake, but immediately coming off that brake pressure so we can trail brake past the first apex. Use all the first curb and don't let the car go more to the left than mid road in-between turns 1 and 2. If done right you won't need to pick up the throttle until the apex of turn 2. At the exit of turn 2 make sure your eyes are up and you open your hands as early as possible.

Turn 4

Most drivers will be working their way down just inside the 300 board or so for a good brake zone. Rolling in entry speed and elongating our trail brake is critical. We want to treat this as a double apex.

After the first apex we want the car to open up to the left only about a half car width or so. As we approach the second apex curb we want to be aggressively getting back to throttle and use all the road at corner exit.

Turn 5

We want to turn in near the end of the curb on our left. Focus on bringing in entry speed and apexing right around mid apex curb. Don't worry about trying to sacrifice turn 5 to setup for turn 6. Use all the road on exit, but your hands should never be straight before 6. We want to try and hustle it back to the right as much as you can but you will likely only get to mid-road, but that is fine!

Turn 6

We want to apex about a car length or so past the start of the apex curb. Get aggressive back to full throttle there and use all the road at corner exit.

Turn 7

There aren't any great brake markers or turn in points you can point to here, we really need to use depth perception in this corner. The most important thin in turn 7 is to get back to full throttle as early as possible. We want apex right around mid-curb and that is where we want to aggressively pick up initial throttle. Use all the road at corner exit.

Turn 10

Most drivers will be looking to start braking around the 300 board into turn 10. We want a nice deep trail brake down to the apex curb here and we are looking to turn in at the 0 board. Ideally we only pick up throttle there and keep full throttle through turn 11.

Turn 12

The key for a fast lap at Portland International Raceway is getting a good exit out of turn 12. We want to apex about mid curb and get aggressively back to throttle here and open our hands right away. Use all the road on exit to maximize your drive out of the corner.