Roebling Road - The Official Race Track Guide

### Roebling Road Official Race Track Notes

Turn 1

This is by far the biggest braking zone on the race track. Typically starting our braking zone around the 4 board. Our turn in should come at the one board. We want slow hands so that we only apex where the gap in the apex curbing comes in. Really important to have eyes up and open our hands early and use all the road on exit before turning in for turn 2.

Turn 2

Turning in for turn 2 at the end of the exit curb out of turn 1. Slow hands is really important here so that we can focus on rolling in entry speed an delaying our initial throttle application spot. Again the apex is where the big gap in the apex curb is and that is where we want to pick up initial throttle. Use all the road at corner exit.

Turn 3

Work the car back to the right before the turn in. We want to have slow hands at turn in to bring in entry speed. Don't sacrifice speed to keep the car to the left out of turn 3, maximize turn 3 and use almost all the road on corner exit.

Turn 4

We want a pretty hard initial brake, but lighten up quickly so we can trail brake deep into the corner and focus on a bit of a double apex. Use all the road on exit to maximize our turn into turn 5.

Turn 5

Turn 5 is a bit of a weird corner and the grip comes with an early turn in and earlier than usual throttle application. First of all we want to brake in a straight line towards the outside of the track. Turning in about mid curb on our right hand side and we want to apex where the gap in the apex curb is. Most cars seem to respond well to a little bit of an early throttle application here.

Turn 6

We want to treat turn 6 as a double apex, but we don't want to use all the road in the middle of the corner. Instead we want to hit our first apex (no great visual here, so focus on slow hands and turning in just as you get all the way back to the left, it is very much a feel corner at entry) and have enough speed so the car takes us about a half car width off the inside. We want to only pick up initial throttle as we are heading towards our second apex, which comes at the start of the apex curb. Use all the road at corner exit.

Turn 7

Slow hands and entry speed are vital for turn 7. It is hard to see the apex as it is so far down the road, so make sure your eyes are up. We want to apex the start of the curb that separates pit lane from the track. That is also where we want our initial throttle application to come. Keep those eyes up and get back to full throttle as early as possible and open your hands as early as possible to get out to the exit curb early.