Sebring International Raceway - The Official Race Track Guide

Sebring International Raceway Race Track Notes

Turn 1

Arriving in 5th or 6th gear, our brake marker is just past the bridge. Usually waiting for your full car to get past it before braking. The end of the wall on your left is a good spot to begin bending the car towards the apex. Our apex mark is the farthest out part of the wall, this can be hard to find while driving so a track walk will help for this. This is an apex that you want to hold a little longer before opening your hands to avoid the bigger bumps on exit.

Turn 3

On approach we get our car to the middle of the road before going back to the right, this gives us straight hands in the brake zone. Braking right at the 3 marker, or at the end of the access road on your right. The turn in point here is difficult to find, you will see in the video I turn in around the 1 marker, but while you are in the car you aren’t looking here. It is a pretty early turn in, but it’s important to turn slowly or you will apex too early. We want to apex at the very end of the apex curb. You don’t want to use all the road on the exit so that you can setup well for turn 5.

Turn 5

This corner always a very strange grip level compared to the rest of the track, and it has only one line that has any grip. I like to use all the road on the right on entry and it’s always in between 2nd and 3rd gear. There isn’t a great turn in point, but in the video you see I turn in pretty early, and again like as in turn 3 it’s a very light initial turn in. Once you get to the apex I want to hold the apex for about 3 car lengths or so. As soon as you can commit to full throttle you want to open your hands and use all the road.

Turn 7

The brake marker for turn 7 is usually around the 4 marker. Getting a good exit here is vital, so you want to make sure you are getting down to the apex curb. You will see in the video I missed it a little bit, and therefor I was late to power. A good thing to focus on here is trail braking to keep the weight on the front to allow you to really hit your apex.

Turn 10

Brake marker here is just around the 3 marker. This corner is usually inbetween 3rd and 2nd gear. I don’t think either one is faster all the time, it really depends on the level of grip the track and tires have. One important thing for me at turn 10 is not using all the track on exit. You have to set up for turns 11 and 12, so hold the car slightly to the right to flow as much speed as you can through them.

Turn 13

This is one of the most difficult corners to really nail on this track. You see I use all the road on the exit out of 12 and then brake diagonally in a straight line to the left side of the road. You’ll want to try and have the car straight for turn in by the time you get to the curb on your left. It is really easy to turn too late, and bring too much speed into turn 13. Because of the banking you want to turn in early to be able to use the grip it gives you. I want to be picking up initial throttle before I even get to the apex curb, and try to be flat just past it, that’s how I know I did not bring too much speed in.

Turn 15

You want to bring as much speed as you can through bishops bend (double lefthander) but most important is to get back to the left and get the car straight before turning in for turn 15. Turn 15 is also pretty low grip, and it’s easy to outbrake yourself here. I want to aim to get my right side front tire up on the apex curb, that is where all the grip is. My brake marker is usually around the start of the grass to achieve this. On exit of 15 you will see I also hold the car a little bit to the right for a brief moment before turning to the left to setup for turn 16.

Turn 16

This corner is all about the exit. You will see on entry I use as much of the road as possible on the left. It is a slightly later apex, and a pretty soft brake pedal here to keep the car settled. I want to again get my right front tire on the apex curb, and get to full throttle as early as possible. Use all the apex curb on exit here as well.

Turn 17

You will hear me lift early in the video, this is because of BoP the lap was a little fast so ignore my lifts on entry and exit. Usually I turn in flat and my brake marker is one of the yellow lines in the road ahead of the wall. You will see once I turn in I try to keep my hands straight for the hard part of the braking zone, I get close to the wall on entry but I don’t think it’s vital to be all up next to it. It is difficult to write about the line here as it’s all feel, the video will give you a good idea. For me the most important thing is to have the car in a position to pick up the throttle before the bridge, and I try to be full throttle just around the bridge. I would not go much tighter in then how I am in the video. As you get comfortable making sure you use all the road on exit.