Sonoma Raceway - The Official Race Track Guide

Sonoma Raceway Race Track Notes

Sonoma raceway is an iconic road course that is one of the mist technical and physical tracks in the US. Sonoma offers big elevation changes, blind entries and exits and what seems like you are never straight and down. The pavement at Sonoma has deteriorated over the years, but figuring it out is part of the challenge!

What Matters Most In Each Corner?

Turn 1 - Balanced

Turn 2 - Exit

Turn 3a - Entry

Turn 3b - Exit

Turn 4 - Exit

Turn 5 - Exit

Turn 6a - Entry

Turn 6b - Exit

Turn 7a- Entry

Turn 7b - Exit

Turn 8 - Entry

Turn 8a - Exit

Turn 9a - Entry

Turn 9b - Exit

Turn 10 - Exit

Turn 11 - Exit