Sonoma Raceway Race Track Guide

## Sonoma Raceway Race Track Notes

Turn 1

Flat and apexing the pit wall, initial brake point is end of the pit wall. Trying to bring speed up the hill while keeping it towards the left. Want to almost apex the start of the yellow and blue curb on your left as you approach turn 2.

Turn 2

Initial apex is just past the start of the apex curb, you want to hold the apex for a little longer and open the hands as you crest the hill – use all the road on exit.

Turn 3

It is pretty heavy up hill, so remember it is a decently early turn in. Braking marker is about mid curb on your right – where it indents. Decently hard initial brake but then letting up quickly. Apex near start of the apex curb, holding it left past this for a late apex for turn 3a. You want to apex 3a at the middle of the apex curb – right where it almost sticks out further into the track.

Turn 4

Braking is just before the end of the exit curb for turn 3 on your left. Decently early turn in – you want to apex right at the start of the apex curb. Using all the road on exit – turn 5 should be flat out.

Braking before you crest the hill, light initial brake. You want to be about mid road, NOT all the way right for turn in. As the road crests you turn in, holding it about mid road. You can double apex this corner. You want to start your apex and initial throttle where the apex curb starts. Trying to commit to full throttle by the end of that apex curb and using all the road on exit.

Turn 7

Braking around 300 board. Hard braking here, and late turn in and late apex. You want to be able to open your hands as early as possible. Important to keep your eyes up!

Turn 8 and 9

You want to get back to the right to where that access road is on your right before turn in for the left hand turn 9. You are flat until the end of that access road, braking marker is just at the end of that and it’s a decently light brake. Just enough to get back to the left for 9 and hold it there. Apexing right at the start of the apex curb. Holding it left past the apex curb to setup for turn into turn 10.

Turn 10

May not even be a brake here. Another apex near the beginning of the apex curb, use all the road on exit!

Turn 11

Braking marker is just past the curb on your left. A lighter longer brake zone here. Apex is again at the start of the apex curb. You may only pick up throttle after apex.

Turn 12

Braking just past the dip in the road, very late turn in and very late apex. You want to apex the third tire stack to be able to open your hands as you get to throttle.