Summit Point - The Official Race Track guide

## Summit Point Race Track Notes

Turn 1

Getting a great exit is key to a fast lap at Summit Point.  Because it is decreasing radius on corner exit we need to trail brake deep into the corner an have quite a late apex point.  We are apexing about 2 car lengths before the end of the exit curb and our throttle application should not come any earlier than roughly near the end of the exit curb.

Turn 3

Turn 3 is a fast left hand sweeper.  It should be a very light brake zone that comes near the access road on the right in most cars.  We want to focus on a light brake application and a slow turn in so we can maximize entry speed. Our apex point comes about 1 to 2 car lengths past the started of the apex curbing.  We don’t want to start applying the throttle until we can start unwinding the steering wheel. Having our eyes up is vital here and we want to open our hands as early as possible and use all the road on exit to maximize our run through turn 3.

Turn 4

In turn 4 we again want to focus on entry speed.  Don’t worry about sacrificing the turn to setup for turn 5.  Again we want a nice trail brake so you can roll the entry speed and delay initial throttle application until you are ready to unwind the steering wheel.  Use all the road on exit, but try and get about a half car width - 1 car width back to the right before turning in for turn 5.

Turn 5

Here a nice long trail brake is critical to get us the rotation we need to get a good squirt of throttle out of 5 before the brake zone into turn 6.  We want to apex about mid apex curb and trail brake lightly all the way there. Once we can start to unwind the steering wheel that is when we want to pick up the throttle.  It is important to get out to the exit curb, but we want to get out there early to give us time to get back to about mid to 3/4ths of the way back to the left before turning into turn 6.

Turn 6

Turn 6 we have a very similar mentality to turn 5.  We want a nice light and long brake zone here to be able to trail brake without overslowing the car.  Having our eyes up is critical in this corner. From about the turn in point we want our eyes looking for that exit curb so we can open our hands and get out there as early as possible.  Our apex is roughly mid curb and we want to pick up the throttle near that apex. Most importantly let the car be free and use all the road on exit to setup for turn 7.

Turn 7

We want a nice slow hands turn in here to maximize our entry speed without apexing too early.  There are no great turn in markers here so we rely on our depth perception, which means looking for that turn 7 apex as early as possible is critical.  We may need a slight lift at initial turn in to help get the front end to grip up so that we can keep the car to the right after the apex of turn 7 to setup for turn 8 and 9.

Turn 8

The only real important thing in turn 8 is to keep the car to the left after the apex so we can maximize our entry into turn 9.

Turn 9

In turn 9 both entry and exit speed are very important.  It is a firm brake on entry but we want to release that heavy brake pressure early so we can trail brake all the way down to the apex without overslowing.  Again, there is not a great turn in marker here, it should roughly come about a car length past the end of the access road on the left. We want to apex about mid apex curb, no earlier than that.  That will also be our initial throttle application spot. Very important here to have our eyes up, open our hands as early as possible and use all the road on the exit.

Turn 10

Turn 10 we have a very similar mentality and approach as turn 9.  Getting a good exit is the most important thing here, but don’t let that make you sacrifice too much entry speed as you can roll a good amount of speed in.  There are no great turn in markers here, so once again we need to find our apex early and use depth perception to help us find that good turn in point. We want to apex mid curb and NOT let our throttle application come any earlier than that.  We really want to be able to apply the throttle aggressively and get back to full throttle as early as possible. Using absolutely all of the road on exit will be vital to a good run out of turn 10 and back onto the front straight.