The Ridge Motorsports Park - The Official Race Track Guide

The Ridge Motorsports Park Race Track Notes

The Ridge is a hidden gem in the racetrack world. Set among the trees in Western WA, this track offers huge elevation changes, blind entries and exits, as well as smooth grippy pavement. The track has a little bit of everything, a long front straight, 2 very slow corners and a lot of time on the side of the tire.

What Matters Most In Each Corner?

Turn 1 - Entry Corner

Turn 2 - Entry Corner

Turn 3 - 5 Exit Corners

Turn 6a - Entry

Turn 6b - Exit

Turn 7 - Exit

Turn 8a - Entry

Turn 8b Exit

Turn 9-10 Exit

Turn 11 - Entry

Turn 12 - Exit

Turn 13 - Entry

Turn 14 - Exit

Turn 15 - Entry

Turn 16 - Exit