The Trail Braking Deep Dive Webinar

The Trail Braking Deep Dive Webinar

Learning to trail brake is often top of mind for most new drivers and it is often taught before certain other foundations have been laid.

Before you start working on trail braking you must first master the ability to know exactly where to pick up initial throttle application in a corner. To start off this webinar Dion talks about this but if you want even more information on this important fundamental click here.

Once you have mastered the initial throttle we can then focus on setting up our braking zones to be able to roll in entry speed while trail braking. We do this with a 3 step method:

1) First and formost we need to get our initial braking pressure correct on the race track. In any racecar we want our highest brake pressure to come at the very start of the braking zone.

2) The second step to learning to trail brake is to focus in on the middle of the brake zone first. Initially drivers are going to over slow corner entries, so if you need to coast down to the apex as you are learning that is totally fine. In this step we want to work on coming off that heavier brake pressure earlier and just work on rolling speed by releasing off the brakes gradually throughout the whole brake zone.

3) The final step here is working on getting that super light brake pressure all the way down to the apex. This is where drivers need the most feel in their foot which takes time to develop.

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