Utah Motorsports Campus - The Official Race Track Guide

## Utah Motorsports Campus Raceway Race Track Notes

Turns 1 + 2 + 3 + 4

These first four corners are critically important to starting a good lap and a quick lap time.

Turn 1 is a very long late apex left hand sweeper. Not carrying enough entry speed will kill your momentum through this first section of track. Make sure to use all the track on entry and exit through turns 1-3. Each corner gains speed and apex slightly earlier each time.

Turn 4 is a flat kink in the road leading onto the back straight.

Turn 5

Black Rock Hairpin begins with a hard brake zone at the end of the back straight. We want to get the car slowed down at the apex so that we can accelerate aggressively out of the corner. Start to open up the wheel just after apex while gaining throttle and use all of track out on exit. You should be exiting on the right half of the track and use the rumble strips on exit.

Turn 6

For turn 6 we want to use the curbing on the left side of the track as our reference since there are no brake markers. We want to get a strong exit, so we want to make sure to stay wide on the entry. Turn in begins about half way through the corner so that we can get a late apex late on the curbing and use all of the track on exit.

Turn 7

Keeping up minimum speed and carrying momentum through Witchcraft is crucial to being fast through this turn. I like to use the curbing and cones on track left as a reference for when to lift off the gas. We don’t want to brake through this turn. We want to use the gas to balance the car and carry our momentum throughout the turn.

Turn 8 + 9 + 10

There is a short brake zone leading up to the Attitude Chicane. Brake hard and late on the right side of the track with a late turn in and apex for turn 8.

For the right hand turn 9 make sure to use as much curbing as you and your car are comfortable with. We want to use the curbing to straighten out this section of track to carry more speed and also better setup for turn 10.

To carry as much speed as possible for turn 10 we want to setup as far right as we can from turn 9. Being too far track left or apexing too early will force you to run out of track on exit and be late on throttle. Work hard to have a late apex and get back to significant throttle at the apex of turn 10.

Turn 11

Toole turn begins by braking slightly uphill around the 2 brake marker. There is a compression at the apex so we should be able to pick up throttle as soon as the car compresses and use all of the track plus the curbing on exit.

Turn 12

Club House corner is all about carrying apex speed. We will brake track right about the 2 brake marker again. Release the brakes as soon as possible and use an early apex to allow yourself to carry that speed into the entry of the corner. Slight throttle at apex will help settle the rear of the car. Be sure to use as much track as possible on exit. There is pavement on the other side of the curbing that is useable so don’t be afraid to carry more speed than you might think you can.

Turn 13

This corner is the next to final corner. We want to make sure to hug the apex curbing and make sure to not track out too far track left in order so setup for the final turn leading on the front straight.

Turn 14

This corner leads to the longest straight on the track. Because of that we want to make sure we get the best exit possible. Trail brake into the corner will help get the car rotated. Make sure to have your eyes up looking ahead for your late apex. As soon as you hit your late apex make sure to pick up significant throttle and start to track out. Use all of the track and curbing on the exit and focus on perfect shifts for a good run down the front straight to the finish line.