Watkins Glen Internatioanl Raceway - The Official Race Track Guide

Watkins Glen International Raceway Racetrack Notes

Turn 1

Initially our brake marker should be the first brake marker on the left hand side headed into turn 1. We can eventually work that down to about the 300 board depending on what car you drive. Should be 3rd gear in almost any car.

Here getting a good exit is the most important part! We want to get your right side tire on the asphalt that is painted like the curb, but not actually hit the curb itself. Hit initial throttle as you get to this curb, and you should be able to get pretty aggressively back to full throttle with the level of grip here. On exit you want to ideally have half your car on the exit curb, but you can also put the whole car on it. Important to use as much road as you need to get a good exit!


You want a gradual turn in to the first curb of the esses. In some cars these will be flatout, in others it will be a lift. Here is important to roll as much speed into the start of the esses as possible. You want to apex the first curb where the yellow and red wider curb starts, and hold it to the right until the end of the curb on your right, at this point we turn in back to the left to apex at the start of the red and yellow curb. Use all the road after that to scrub as little speed as possible.

Bus Stop

A good initial brake point the for a weekend can be the start of the brake markers, but depending on car we want to move that down to about the 400 board. Our main focus in the bus stop is entry speed, and using all of the first curb. We want to be trailing off the brakes as you get to the first curb and coasting. We want to nibble the 2nd and 3rd curbs, getting to throttle just after the second curb. We need our eyes up and opening the hands so we use a lot of that 4th curb, getting to full throttle before it.  A good run through the bus stop at Watkins Glen International Raceway is vital for a good laptime around this race track.

We want to be about mid road on the exit of the bus stop as we turn into the carousel. It should be a full lift or maybe a very, very light brake. It’s a light turn in down to the apex curb and we want to hold this curb for a while. We are accelerating and have our eyes up looking for the exit curb, we are trying to get to full throttle as early as possible and use all of the road on exit.

Entering The Boot

This corner has a lot more grip than you would think, but its pretty important to brake a little earlier here and have a light trail brake. We want a little bit of throttle and try to get to full throttle as early as possible. We want to apex about mid corner and get our left side tire on the apex curb. Use all the road on exit to be able to open our hands as early as possible. Should be 3rd gear in almost any car.

Toe of Boot

We can brake quite late here, in some cars inside the 200 board even. We are turning in almost the same moment we hit the brakes. It is a very late apex, so slow initial turn and then crank more wheel in the car as the car gets slower. We want get to throttle just before apex, should be 3rd gear. Getting a good exit is the most important thing in this corner. Using absolutely all the road on exit and opening hands as early as possible.

Heel of Boot

We want to work our brake zone down to about the 200 board depending on the car. Corner should be 3rd gear. It is a decently early turn in to get to apex at the farthest out part of the apex curb. We want to pick up throttle here, and use all the road on exit.

Exiting The Boot

We need to bring the car quickly back to the right to setup for the corner out of the boot. The road crests as we arrive to the apex, so we want an early enough brake to be nearly off the brakes by the time we get to the crest so more weight is on the rear. As the road crests we want to get to the apex, we will hold this apex until we see the exit curb, that is when we can get to throttle and open our hands to use all the road on exit. Should be 3rd gear.

Turn 10

This corner entry speed is everything. We want a very light brake just before initial turn in and then coasting to apex. We should not be able to get to throttle before apex, if we can we over slowed entrance.   At apex we want to try and get back to throttle and then full throttle soon after that, using all the road on exit. We should be in 4th gear.

Turn 11

Getting a good exit here is critical. We want to get back to the left hand side of the road and then a medium initial brake, should be 3rd or 4th gear. We want to cross over the pit entry paint line and apex about mid apex curb. Eyes need to be up to open our hands as early as possible and get to full throttle as early as possible!

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