Racers360 Drivers

Lloyd Shochat


HPDE Driver

I’ve been telling all my track buddies about Racers360 and how amazed I was at how helpful your one lap analysis was. I didn't think it'd be possible for anyone to be able to get any kind of insight to a drivers good or bad habits as well as be able to offer any helpful advice after watching just one lap, whether it be a good or bad lap, but man was I wrong! Thanks to you and Racers360, I now have specific things to work on doing as well as not doing the next time I'm on track.
I think it's an absolute must for a "DE'er" like me that's been frustrated for so long about not not having access to any kind of coaching at events.

Rolando Saca


2018 Formula Mazda Vice-Champion

I found Racers360 a year ago, where I was coming from a very disappointing last race of my 2017 season where I lost a podium. I only had one podium in 2017. I was determined to be better and found your coaching. This 2018 I had 5 podiums out of 6 races while winning one and getting the Vice-Championship. I cannot thank you enough for helping me get to the next level. However, let’s work on fighting for wins every race and get the championship!

Alain Tranchemontagne


HPDE Driver

Working with Racers360 is extremely helpful.  Their pro coaches look at my video and data and are able to point out the mistakes before they become habits.  They also helps me prepare for the next event by offering multiple suggestions.  It's such an easy process. More importantly, Racers360 pro coach, Dion, inputs helps me reduce lapse times, every time.  This is exactly what I need.  It also combines very well with in-field coaching.

Hunter Allen


Porsche Club Racing, 1990-964, “G” class, 2017 National Champion.

What an incredible service! I am incredibly impressed. I easily uploaded my qualifying video and picked the lap I wanted analyzed. Racers360 pro coach, Dion von Moltke, quickly reviewed it, and gave me some great coaching. He identified four different areas I needed to work on. Not only taking different lines in turns by opening my hands sooner, but improved my braking points, helped me with getting my eyes up and looking at better landmarks on the track and also being smoother on my brake application. Specific, actionable feedback! It’s amazing what he can do with just one lap of your video. AND I didn’t even have data overlaid, so he was at a disadvantage. Bottom line: With his analysis of my qualifying lap from last year, I dropped it a whole second for this years race at Watkins Glen!!!

Thank you Racers360 and Dion!!! Look for my next race next weekend!!!

Matt Romanowski


HPDE Driver

I sent in my first video for review on a lark and was amazed at what I got back. Dion really took his time to point out all the areas I have for improvement, including driver inputs, speeds, car position, car angle, and more. What amazed me was the follow up emails, A PHONE CALL, and a genuine caring that I understood what he was telling me and the concepts involved.

Having done HPDE for 20 years, tons of data analysis at all levels, and having worked with other professional coaches, I can say for certain - the attention and quality of info you get from Racers360 is THE BEST!

I recommend their services to anyone and everyone without reservation.

Colin Mazzola


Porsche Club Racing 1992 964 Cup GTC1

Absolutely fantastic. I had Racers360 review 2 laps from a recent PCA race. The process was very easy, and the turn around time was quick. He found tangible items I could work on to go faster. I’d highly recommend!