Auto Club Speedway - The Official Race Track Guide

Auto Club Speedway Official Race Track Notes

Turn 1

To be fast on the banking at Auto Club Speedway drivers need to be very smooth with their inputs and ensure their eyes are looking as far forward as possible.

We want a slow turn in coming around the 3 board. This banking is not very steep, so for the majority of cars it is not flat. If you are in a car that is not flat here work on maximizing your time spent at full throttle.

To do this you will work to keep full throttle as long as possible into the corner, having a full lift and then work to get back to full throttle as early as possible. This will be better than trying to spend time at maintenance throttle through the middle of the corner.

Turn 2 & 3

The priority here is getting back to full throttle as early as possible after the apex in turn 3.

To do this , we need to sacrifice turn 2. The goal in turn 2 is to have a long trail brake (past the apex even) that will give the car more rotation so you can keep it to the left at higher speeds. If you are too early to throttle here the car will push you farther to the right.

Once we get the car straight out of 2 work to get back to a squirt of full throttle. We will want to time our lift to come as we turn in for turn 3. Ideally we have enough speed to not need any throttle until we get to the turn 3 apex where we aggressively work back to full throttle.

Turn 4

We want to treat turn 4 as a double apex corner. Our priority once again is getting back to full throttle as early as possible at corner exit.

We want to try and get the car pointed in towards the first apex before we start braking - not all cars will be able to do this. We almost immediately want to lighten up on our brake pressure so that we can bring a lot of entry speed past the first apex and have the car take us decently wide mid-corner.

The important thing at this point in the corner is patience. We want to be trail braking deep into the mid-corner section to get the car to rotate. We really need to stay off the throttle until the car is full rotated and heading towards that second apex. Early throttle here can have a big negative impact on our ability to get back to full throttle.

Turn 7

Once again our goal here is to get back to full throttle as early as possible at corner exit.

The best braking zone reference point is the access road on our left hand side. Most cars will be able to get close to the end of it, but slowly work up to that. There are no great turn in references, so you will have to be disciplined with having your eyes looking in towards the apex early.

We want a decently late apex here, just passed mid curb. Once you turn in, get your eyes up and looking towards the exit so that you start unwinding the steering wheel as early as possible. We want to get out to that exit curb way before the end of it.

Turn 10 & 11

Our focus here is to try and roll in good entry speed into turn 10 so that we don't need to pick up the throttle in-between these apexes - this is tough to do.

There are not good consistent brake markers to use here, so once again we will be using depth perception. We want a good hard initial brake, but immediately start releasing off the brake pressure so we can extend our braking zone. Ideally we apex just passed mid-curb in turn 10.

It is okay to have coast time in here, so if you can release off the brakes and let the car roll great! If you need to pick up the throttle, focus on a short and aggressive throttle application so that we can lift as we turn in for turn 11.

In turn 11 it is all about getting back to full throttle early at apex. So, if you can't get aggressively back to full throttle at the apex then you have likely rolled too much entry speed.

Turns 9 and 10

This is the very fast chicane and the important part of this section is speed into 9 and getting back to full throttle out of 10.

These corners will very a TON depending on what car you are driving. Some need to brake, some will just have a lift and some will be close to flat - this sectiond differs more than almost any other section on any race track. So, slowly work up to this section, work backwards.

Start your weekend off by getting back to full throttle at the apex of 10 and slowly build up more and more speed through 9 until you can't get back to full throttle where you want to. Then just bring the speed down a tiny amount in 9.

Turn 14

Turn 14 is the most important corner on the race track here at Auto Club Speedway. We want to exclusively focus on getting back to full throttle as early as possible after the apex.

The easy mistake here is to roll too much entry speed so that you can only pick up the throttle at the exit as you get close to turn 15. Drivers are much better off being a little bit slower through the middle of turn 14, so that they can get back to full throttle earlier. The earlier you can get back to full throttle and keep full throttle (after the apex) the faster you will be all the way down to turn 1.